Immortal Romance Review - Casino Rewards Slot Game

There are few names in the online casino space as recognizable as Microgaming. These legendary developers have produced just about all of the most memorable online slot games for the last several years and are the main developer for a number of the leading online casinos. A new Microgaming slot game is a cause for celebration amongst fans of the genre, and Immortal Creatures promises to be another smash hit for those who have grown used to a consistent stream of high-quality content from the developer.

Let's take a look at some of the key features of this new slot game and see how it stacks up to previous efforts from Microgaming.

How It Plays

Anyone with a reasonable amount of experience that playing online slot games will feel right at home as soon as they load up Immortal Creatures. The game will pay out a win for adjacent symbols matched left to right; all players can also multiply their wins with coins.

The game also introduces a scatter win mechanic whereby the player wins are multiplied by the total bet they staked. Unlike other types of win, the scatter win will pay out from any position on the screen. Earning three or more scatter wins will trigger a further bonus, the Fountain of Spins Bonus.

Other Rules

There is also a wildcard symbol that can substitute for any symbol on the board except for the scatter symbol. If you use the wild symbol to substitute in a winning symbol you will double the amount that you win.

Players can also trigger a bonus game that provides them with four free spins whenever 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols appear on the reels.

Immortal Romance

The Immortal Creatures title is built upon an earlier game from Microgaming, called Immortal Romance. Immortal Romance was a smash hit game and is still very popular among online slot games today. As it is based on Immortal Romance, we know that we can expect a solid foundation for Immortal Creatures.

By maintaining the same art style and audio-visual experience as they gave in Immortal Romance, Microgaming is ensuring that this also finds a long-term spot in lots of players' hearts.

Like Immortal Romance, Immortal Creatures has its own engaging story that sets it apart from a bog-standard online slot game. The game's plot revolves around four characters, each of whom is a mythical creature. Each of the characters in the game is distinct and unique, and each one learns the game a little more, well, character.

This is an important aspect of game design that is too often lacking from online slot games, so it is nice to see Microgaming putting more thought into it than many of their competitors.

Gameplay in Immortal Creatures is kept interesting by a number of bonuses that the player can trigger. As well as the aforementioned free bonus spins, players can also unlock a number of other power-ups and features that will deploy with each bonus. Once you add in a truly engaging plot and Microgaming’s usual charming art style, you have an online slot game that is a cut above the rest.

Is Immortal Creatures a scam?

No, Immortal Creatures is developed by Microgaming Software, a renowned company in this industry. They are regulated by eCOGRA, so you can be certain that all their games are real. 

Is Immortal Creatures different from Immortal Romance?

Yes, Immortal Creatures draws inspiration from Immortal Romance in terms of art style, gameplay and storylines, however the main difference are the bonus features and power-ups.

Can I really win money on Immortal Creatures?

Yes, you can! Winning money on Immortal Creatures is definitely possible.

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